We are doing our level best to maintain the safety of our clientele and our staff during the COVID pandemic. Each of our people has reviewed the OSHA documentation for restaurants during this biological event, and we take them seriously. Beyond the standard hand-washing and safe distancing guidelines, our focus is on:

  1.  Each employee having a temperature and other symptom check before entering the kitchen. 

  2. Everyone on staff is masked at all times, and we change gloves regularly during prep and service.

  3. Hourly sanitizing of all high-touch surfaces in the kitchen. No exceptions, no matter how busy we are.

  4. Front of House employees re-sanitize all service areas after every customer interaction at the pickup window. This includes all payment and order interfaces.

  5. No non-essential staff are allowed into the building. By reducing the number of people in the facility to a minimum, we stay on top of all other safety protocols.

Thank you for your continued support and please know that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and ourselves safe from transmission.